Nagase India

Colors and advanced processing department:

The department consists of colors & additives, functional film materials, and polymer products. This team promotes cross-organizational development activities, working to uncover new businesses opportunities.

Anti-blocking agent :

Organic resin particle: Cross-linked-polymethylmethacrylate resin
  • Features :
    Fine sphere particle, Thermosetting resin, Insoluble and non-melting inactive powder, Excellent heat, solvent, alkaline and acid resistance, High refractive index (n=1.66),High mechanical strength, Plus charge
  • Applications :
    Flatting agent, Light diffusion agent, Slipping improvement agent, Anti-blocking agent , Coating agent, Modifier (for plastics, rubber, paints, ink, adhesives, pressure sensitive paper and so on) , Additives for toner (Control of electrification properties)
Silica Powders for Anti-blocking
  • Plastic films and sheets are often rolled or piled after final processing. These films tend to adhere to each other at the many points of contact; a phenomenon called blocking. Such blocking problems occur in various kinds of plastic films and can be minimized by introducing Various grades of Silica Powders into the formulation.

Automotive textile processing products:

Water soluble polyester co-polymer resin :
  • It is used at adjustment of the touch feeling, filling process when getting Flame-proof property on textiles, making use of its nonflammable, adhesive, and hardness characteristics.
Flame retardant materials : For Textile and Foam applications

Thermal paper imaging related products:

Water soluble polyester co-polymer resin :
  • Color formers
  • Sensitizers
  • Lubricants
  • Specialities
  • Papers / Films for Ultrasonic, X-rays.

Toner related products:

  • Resins
  • Magnetite’s
  • Colorants (CCA)
  • Specialities

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