Nagase India

Life & healthcare department:

This Department sets its sights on contributing to beauty, and health as a member of the Life & Healthcare segment.
This department is developing high-value-added products that help people live better and healthier lives, leveraging the
Group’s comprehensive strengths in Trading, R&D, and manufacturing and processing in various business segments.

Pharmaceuticals and medical, diagnostic drugs:

  • (Includes active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs], clinical trial APIs, intermediates, raw materials, formulations, additives), CRAMS, in-vitro diagnostics, excipients, medical material and equipment’s.)
Inhouse excipients
  • Pullulan: Polysaccharide as Excellent Oxygen barrier property (suitable polymer for Aqueous film coating system), Mouth dissolving film polymer.
  • Trehalose SG: Injectable grade (Low Endotoxin) non reducing disaccharide as Cryoprotectant, Stabilization of antibodies, vaccines for injection.
  • Trehalose 100PH: Non reducing disaccharide as a taste masking agent, When heated does not Caramelize orparticipate in Millard reactions
  • Maltose-PH: Injectable grade disaccharide, maltose has been used as an excipient for tablets and granulation, and as a carbon source in cell culture medium.

Fragrances and cosmetics, personal care products

Includes wide range of products, from cosmetics raw materials (including the whitening AA2G™, a stabilized vitamin C derivative) to household raw materials.
(whitening agents, moisturizing agents, Aroma Chemicals, UV absorbers, surfactants, antimicrobial agents, Dyes for Toiletry products)

In house Products:
  • Alpha ascorbyl-2 glucoside (AA2G) - Stable form of Vitamin C. Acts as a skin lightening agent, anti-ageing agent and sun screening agent
  • Alpha glucosyl hesperidine (AGH) - Improves microcirculation of skin. Hence, helps in treatment of dark circles and darkened lips.
  • Trehalose 100 - Moisturizing agent for skin & Hair, baby care
  • MG-60 - Suitable for cleansing products, prevents dryness of skin & hair during cleansing process. Suitable for baby wash too.
  • Pullulan - Instant skin lifting and skin tightening agent.
  • Pinion Anti-acne and anti-dandruff active
  • Glucosyl Naringin - Antiaging agent : Collagen boosting, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and lips.

Nagase food ingredients:

  • Nagase Food ingredients (NFI), committed to satisfy every need of food industry from preservation to taste enhancement with functional and natural food ingredients from across the world.
    (Specialty food ingredients, Functional saccharides, Vitamin Premix, Yeast Extracts, Aroma Chemicals)
Nagase Functional Saccharides:
  • Treha: Multifunctional disaccharide for food stability and cryoprotection
  • Pullulan: Unique Polysaccharide film forming ability for mouth dissolving strips
  • Sunmalt: High Purity Maltose for glazing and oil absorption
  • Fibryxa: High Pure Iso-maltodextrin with 80% dietary fibres used for sugar replacement and gut health
Trading products:
  • Functional Yeast extract
  • Single Vitamins & Minerals
  • Vitamins Mineral premixes
  • Aroma Chemical

Nagase group companies