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Mobility solutions and electronics department :

Mobility Solutions Department:

Business Overview
  • The NAGASE Mobility Solutions Department strives to meet market demands and accommodate a new transitional period for the technical aspects of cars. In an automotive industry experiencing rapid global expansion, our department responds to a society that demands safe, secure, comfortable, and environmentally friendly automobiles while enhancing the NAGASE Group's manufacturing functions. We also seek to expand our business and a next-generation automobile society, with sales of high-performance materials and manufactured products through utilization of our global operations and distribution network.
Mobility Solutions Products and Services
  • Commodity plastics and engineering plastics for automotive interior/exterior components and functional components, lightweight materials and components, electronics components, auxiliaries, plastic-related equipment, devices and tools.

Automotive interior / exterior parts

  • Through global initiatives with prominent manufacturers, we meet the demands of various component layouts to complete safe and comfortable automobiles.
Main components:
  • Commodity plastics
Main applications:
  • Instrument panels, door trims, headliners, seats, fenders, bumpers

Automotive functional parts

  • We provide materials to build functional parts with the safety and security demanded by society for next-generation automobiles.
Main components:
  • Engineering plastics
  • Polyurethane materials for sealing application to water and moisture protection.
  • Resin & Hardener -Two-component casting resin (potting compound) based on Polyurethane
Main applications:
  • Items under the car hood, connectors, electrical parts, lamps, air bags, control units, harnesses, ACGS part, ECU

Other value-added solution

Industrial Lubricant’s: We source industrial oils and greases are specially formulated to:
  • Protect equipment for wear and tear
  • Enable Smooth operation in high or low temperatures, wet environments and under high loads
  • Provide longer lubrication for Equipment’s
  • Industrial Lubricant’s: We source industrial oils and greases are specially formulated to:

Electronics department

The electronics department caters to providing the products and services for the ever-growing market in the technology industry.
These products include Dry film resists, epoxy resins, functional films/coatings, etc. for the existing & ever changing Indian electronics market with focus on PCB for the automotive & communication industries.

Since the technology is evolving so quickly, our products are well equipped to suit each application.
Our products are highly suited for applications like satellites, high voltage insulations, 5G optics, etc.

  • Dry Film Resists for Printed Circuit Board.
  • Additives for 5G boards / PCB’s
  • Liquid Epoxy resins for customers in heavy & light electrical, car electronics, etc.

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