Nagase India

Performance chemicals department:

It is our group companies' strength, such as Nagase ChemteX, while providing application and formulation support with our coating laboratory in India and application workshop in Japan, for unique, customized solutions in paints, Inks and coatings.

Inks, Adhesives and Sealants are an integral part of modern life. Nagase offers a variety of intermediates and raw materials for Inks, Sealants and Adhesives applications, The department also handles polyurethane foams for industrial use.

In this segment we offer variety of Chemicals:

Resins: for paints and coatings :

We offer different kinds of resins for Architectural, Industrial Paint and coatings, like

  • Silicone-Modified Acrylic Emulsions,
  • Anti-Dirt HALS - Hybrid ultra-Weatherable Acrylic Emulsions,
  • Fluoropolymers,
  • Acrylic Resins - Solvent based Thermoplastic, Thermosetting and Acrylic Polyols,
  • DENACOLTM Epoxy compounds,
  • 1K Epoxy resins -Water Based and Solvent Based,
  • Un-saturated Polyester Resins,
  • Vinyl ester resin.

Resins: for inks and adhesives:

  • Vinyl Chloride -Vinyl Acetate for Gravure Inks, Inkjet inks, Adhesives.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer Resins
  • The DENACOLTM series of mono and multi-functional aliphatic epoxies for adhesives.

Pigments :

We offer different kinds of pigments for Paints, Inks and Coatings

  • Aluminium Pastes -Leafing, Non-leafing (Solvent and water based) and resin coated
  • Carbon Black Pigments
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigments
  • Electro conductive White and Black pigments
  • Highly transparent Pigment dispersions
  • Matting Agents


We handle additives with different functionality such as

  • Nonionic fluorosurfactant, amphoteric fluorosurfactant, organic solvent soluble oligomer type fluorosurfactantfor Architectural Coating UV/ Radical/ cationic curable Coating.
  • Defoaming/De-aerating/Anti-popping Agents, Flow control Agents for Solvent based Paints and UV curable coatingsand powder coatings.
  • Antibacterial and Antivirus additive -silver-based, Zinc based antimicrobial agent.
  • Anti-Oder catching Agent, Anti-Formaldehyde catching agent.
  • Polyurethane Beads for soft feel coatings
  • Defoaming/De-aerating/Anti-popping Agents for Inks application
  • Flow control Agents for Ink
  • Organo-tin compounds are available in mono, di, tri and tetra types (R4Sn, R3SnX, R2SnX2, RSnX3), of which the mono and di types are mainly used for industrial sealant and Adhesives applications.


  • MMB (3-methoxy, 3methyl,1 butanol) ecofriendly solvent for Ink
  • Butyl Cellosolve Acetate, Solvent for Ink

Monomers and oligomers:

We supply variety of monomers and oligomers for resin manufacturing, which includes

  • ε-Caprolactone Monomer and derivates
  • ACRYLATETM Functional Monomers and Oligomers.

Grinding media:

  • Zirconia based beads for Pulverization and Dispersion, available from 0.1mm to 10mm