Nagase India

Specialty chemicals department:

Specialty chemicals are products sold based on their performance or function rather than their composition. We are workingto expand into new fields as we keep our eyes on the underlying technologies of our business partners.

In this segment we offer variety of Chemicals and Intermeidates to wide band of Industries
  • Material Working Oil
  • Water Treatment
  • Fluor Chemicals
  • Silicone Chemicals
  • Electronics Chemicals
  • Surface Treatment for Automotive industries (Electroplating agents)
  • Resin Maker (Heat Plasticity, Heat Curing)

Inorganic ion capture agent :

IXE : is an ion capture agent that combines heat resistance and excellent ion trapping capacity.
By adding to the sealing resin or the like, It raises the reliability of IC sealants.

  • Silyl-Terminated Polyether (M S Polymer) for Sealant, Adhesives and Underbody coatings application.
  • Wire Processing chemical